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An Electric Bike That is so Fast it is Banned in the United States

Turbo Electric BikeA company by the name of “Specialized” just engineered an electric bicycle which just got banned in the US because it was considered too fast.  As a matter of fact, in the electric bicycle arena, it is considered to be the fastest e-bike ever.

It took Specialized three years to develop this unit which can crank out speeds of about 28 miles an hour (45 km) which is a problem for the company.  Marc Faude, product manager with Specialized stated in a press release that “The Turbo has been deemed illegal in the US and the UK because its speed would put it into a motorized vehicle category.”   This speed would place the electric bike at 8 miles per hour over the US regulatory limit.

“Specialized’s Turbo is simply too fast to be legal”  ~ Marc Faude

This electric bicycle sports a 250 watt rear hub motor, and a 342 Watt lithium – ion battery which can charge in a mere two hours, which is the heart of the system. The brakes consist of carbon fiber Magura MT series disc brakes which has been designed with a regenerative charging system

The whole design of the bike is to enhance the new speed breaking capabilities.  For example, the batteries are neatly built into the down tubes and the controls on the handlebars have no cables because these items are wireless, in order to reduce wind resistance.  Specialized is clearly trying to move away from the traditional e-bike stigma and put itself into a new category.  As Mr. Faude states, ” Whatever you do, don’t just consider this bike a pedelec, ( another term for electric bicycle) this is an all new category of e-bike!”

With pricing set at about $7,000 US dollars, it had better deliver.  However, Specialized’s product representative seems undaunted. “We are confident we have succeeded in building the world’s fastest electric bike, and once you ride ours, we think you’ll agree!”

Specialized’s Turbo is set to be sold throughout Europe and the first 50 demo bikes have already been sent.

It is the Year 2012 and Electric Vehicles are on the Rise!

electric bikes n scootersBy Mark Elmo Ellis for Electric Bikes -n – Scooters

For those of you that operate businesses in the world of electric bikes, scooters or even cars, there is good news afoot! According to Deloitte, a business that tracks and measures global manufacturing, electric vehicles will soon represent a third of car manufacturers global sales. This can only reflect the fact manufacturers of any type of electric vehicle will be much more main stream and popular in the near future.


One of the main factors that is driving this trend in electric vehicles is because there are now governmental rebates, incentives and stimulus money being offered to further this electric bikestechnology. Currently, The United States Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing Loan Program which is offering about $25 billion in offers, grants, and loans is supporting the development of these newer greener technologies especially in the arena of electric vehicles.

Even though the Deloitte report is reflecting mostly electric car and motorcycle sales, the trend will probably be seen in the electric bike and electric scooter arena as well.

The Electric Bike Sector

Pike Research, another manufacturing research and tracking business recently issued a report showing that electric bicycle sales will hit about 30 million units world wide in 2012 and by 2018 they are optimistically predicting global sales at about 51 million units generating about 13 billion in revenue by the same year.  This is also reflected in the sales of these units in the U.S. with an increase of about 22% in the last couple of years  However, in China, electric bike sales have risen 92% because the infrastructure of that country is so much more radically different than in the U.S.

Electric Bike Battery Technology Driving Trend

With the advent of Lithium Ion batteries, there have been newer breakthroughs in this technology which has become significant in the electric bike and scooter industry.  These batteries have become lighter and now have the ability to hold a charge longer than ever before.  In the past, the real challenge has been to create a battery that is lighter and can hold the charge for longer periods.  Recently there have been technological jumps in this area, to include “spray on batteries“.  If the vehicle is heavier then the draw on the charge is greater.  However, if the battery is lighter and can carry the charge longer, then you are a double winner!  So, if you don’t have to charge as often and can go farther, the draw to purchase one of these units is much more appealing!

Considering the daily challenges to world concerning the limits of fossil fuels, and the geopolitical nature of being reliant on them, the trend to move further away from the black goo will only become more popular in the next 10 years.

The Tron Bikes are Coming er Going!!!

For a simple $100,000 , you can get this futuristic looking Tron bike-a-ma-thing.  Its quick to Charge and can take you a good range before needing another charge.

Wired reports that the $100,000 bike charges in an hour and has an estimated range of around 80-100 miles on a full battery.”

Full Article Here

London Police new Toy!!

Well, it looks like over in the U.K. they are testing out a new electric bike.  Its made by Zero Motorcycles and they have some pretty cool bikes on the market.  They have Dirt bikes, Street and Dual Sport bikes which blaze and are all electric. Well, the London Police are traveling the country side encouraging motorcycle safety on these little babies. Me personally, wouldn’t mind having something this energy efficient to drive around town with. Check out the News Article

5 Reasons Why You Need to Get an Electric Bike Now

Reason One: Gas Prices

It is no secret that gas prices have been creeping up over the last five years. No matter what the President, Congress, the Senate or any other office in Washington seems to do they don’t have control over the people that own the oil companies.  As a matter fact, over the last five years there has been constant excuses from the fossil fuel companies around the world as to why oil prices have been going up. They have cited everything from hurricanes and bad weather to having an overabundance of oil and no place to store it as excuses. It used to be we have a shortage, now they are saying that prices have gone up because we have an overage!  The point of the whole thing is, we will never know for sure exactly why they keep raising prices other than the obvious reason: to increase profits for rich people.  I mean, at the end of the day what other conclusion can you come to? So, moving from fossil fuel based products and transportation is the obvious answer to keeping them in line. Until people around the world to grasp this concept and use it there probably won’t be much of a change in the way oil prices move up.

Reason Two:  Economical Transportation

There is no secret that you can actually save quite a bit of money by writing an electric bicycle, especially if you are able to ride it to work. In America most people drive considerable distances to get to work, however if you’re living in a city or town where your within relatively close driving distance, you can save quite a bit of money by using electric bicycle. One of the reasons that the electric bicycle is so attractive as far as riding a bike to work is concerned, is that you can ride and use electricity to help you get to where you work at arrive at work without being tired and sweaty.  This is because the electric motor assist in most electric bicycles will take much of the strain off of you and therefore you will not arrive at your place of business exhausted and reeking of perspiration.

Reason Three: Health Reasons

Another great reason for writing a bicycle, even when it is electric, is so that you can get a certain degree of exercise and fresh air. When you are pumping the pedals of a bicycle that you are getting an aerobic workout that will help your heart, lungs and leg muscles get much-needed exercise. This is especially important if you work in an office where you are seated all day.  You can get exercise on your way to work and on the way back from work merely by writing electric bicycle, and as I have stated in the last paragraph under Reason Two you can still get exercise without getting too tired and arriving at work with perspiration all over you.  So having fresh air and getting a little exercise is great for you and you can easily, this with electric bike.

Reason Four: Promoting Green Technology

I don’t particularly believe that human beings are causing global warming, however, that does not mean that I do not care about the environment. Personally, I hate the idea that we are polluting our atmosphere, water and everything else you can think of and writing an electric bicycle is promoting green technology and therefore creating new ways in which we can use natural resources to power our way to work and other places.  Actually, you can use power from the sun to charge solar panels which in turn can create enough electricity to power an electric bicycle. You can then ride electric bicycle to where ever you need to go off of the energy that the sun can create, and this is known as sustainable energy.  Sustainable energy is great because it is free, creates no pollution and is available to everyone that is willing to invest a little money.  Over the next 10 years, because of the popularity of electric bikes around the world, there will be great advances in electric batteries and other sources of energy that we can store and use without creating loads of pollution which will damaged our atmosphere in our general environments where we have to live.

Reason Five: Being Different

Many people would not consider this to be much of a reason, but I do. I want to be a part of something new and different without spending an arm and a leg. I want to be a part of movement which will keep our environment cleaner and people healthier.  I want to show people how to have fun while doing all of these things and teach them a way to do things the will make their lives further enriched. This is why I promote electric bikes and electric scooters and I hope you’ll join me in this movement.

Electric Bikes -N- Scooters

The Light Electric Vehicle Association a Great Way to Promote Electric Bikes and Electric Scooters

Every now and then, I like to highlight different websites and organizations that are trying to further the advancement and education of electric bikes, electric scooters and a host of other electric vehicles. One such organization is the Light Electric Vehicle Association.  Founded in June of 2008 by an electric vehicle expert Ed Benjamin, the Light Electric Vehicle Association’s goals are to analyze track and standardize data about electric vehicles within their industry and to help develop a cogent method of recording this data in the form surveys. Not only that they are working with government to help develop and standardize performance criteria involving electric scooters, electric bikes and other electric vehicles. Not only does this Association tried to fill these goals but also provides a forum for networking and discussion within the industry.

The just last week the Light Electric Vehicle Association was at the Interbike electric bike exposition which occurred in Las Vegas at the Sands Expo and convention Center. During the Expo the Association held classes on how to sell electric bicycles, ship batteries, how legal issues affect electric bikes and United States and a host of other subjects that were worthy of mention.  Clearly, this organization is trying to be a leader in an industry which is clearly emerging as an important factor in transportation throughout the world.

If you decide to check out their website, and possibly get involved in their organization offers, you will find a site that is dedicated to the political furtherance of electric vehicles throughout the world. You can also become a member of this organization so that you can actually become involved in the political process of furtherance of electric bikes and electric scooters if you so desire. Even though this organization has not been around for a very long time, they seem to have emerged as a leader in terms of organizing the industry’s political power. If you are passionate about electric bikes and scooters then you should take the opportunity to join the ranks of electric vehicle owners around the world and become a member of this organization.

To find out more about this great organization, click on this link:

Electric Bikes are Taking the World By Storm but Why Not in America?

I may have mentioned on this blog several times that just about the entire planet is moving towards the use of electric bicycles as part of their transportation infrastructure. For

Picture Courtesy of NYCE Wheels

instance, all across Asia, electric bicycles are now replacing regular bicycles as the preferred method of pedaling transportation and the trend has been tremendous. Actually, if estimates are correct approximately 120,000,000 electric bikes are now on the roads today.

Due to the fact that America has a much different infrastructure the many of these countries, because people drive long distances to get to work, electric bikes have not caught on quite as much as other electric vehicles such as electric cars and electric motorcycles. However, with the rise of gas prices in all sorts of environmental concerns, electric bicycles are being viewed by Americans in a much more serious matter than ever before.

Ed Benjamin, who is the founder of the Light Electric Vehicle Association, says, “electric bikes are very energy efficient and the idea that the best way to get around it sit in your automobile. However there are an awful lot of places where that just doesn’t work.”

There are basically two types of electric bikes that are on the road today, pedal assisted and full electric power. The difference between the two is quite simple, with full electric power all you have to do is twist the throttle if you so desire, while pedal assisted electric bicycles are the type wherein you need to pedal it in order for the electric motor to kick in and assist you.

While the thought of purchasing an electric bicycle may be very attractive to some people, there are a few considerations that must be taken. For example, you need to consider how far you’re willing to ride electric bicycle to where you need to go. If you’re living in a major city or metropolitan area elected bikes are a viable way of getting through traffic and around a lot of the problems that traffic causes. However, you are sacrificing facing the elements as well as the protection that an automobile to give you. However, as I stated before, electric bicycles are not a viable method of transportation when you have to drive almost an hour to work as most Americans do. They are usually more practical when you have to go just several mouse to work and because the electric motor is there to assist you, you probably won’t wind up showing up at work all sweaty and out of breath.

Also, another consideration is the price of these vehicles. You can pick up electric bicycle from a vendor such as Walmart, Best Buy, or quite a few online vendors that sell and ship electric bicycles, but in the $400-$1000 range these electric bicycles are not of the highest quality and you will sacrifice some performance and maintenance issues if you purchase one of these. Not only that, but the full power e–bikes are quite a bit more expensive than the pedal assisted and you will have to pay anywhere from 2000 $4000 to get one.

However, with the employment of Americans waning right now as well as gas prices that are beginning to rise every day, electric bicycles may be a future alternative to people who cannot afford to drive long-distance is anymore. However, having said that, it will only be a matter of time before we find out whether or not America will embrace electric bicycles as the transportation of choice.

We’d like to thank NYCE Wheels Electric Bikes for the opportunity of using their photograph.

How to Change the Battery on an Optibike Electric Bicycle

If you are a person that has purchase one of the outstanding Optibike electric bicycles, then you may have noticed a troublesome issue.  That issue would be that because Optibikes are such high quality electric bicycles, and that they  have such a sleek, mountain bike design, there is a problem; the batteries are hidden in the frame of the e-bike.

Because the electric batteries have been hidden in the frame of these great electric bicycles, it is a bit of a problem trying to replace them.  So, after reading several posts from frustrated individuals and Optibike electric bicycle riders,   we have decided to post our own page on how to replace the batteries on one of these units.  Please bear in mind, it was no easy task trying to find information on how to do this.  as a matter of fact, we had to piece information together from various blog posts, forum posts and other sundry information sources that touched on this.

After we assembled this information, we took the batteries out of an Optibike to see just how accurate the information was.  the result was a good informative page on how an Optibike owner would be able to take out and put batteries into.

As with all projects, it would be wise to consider the task at hand before starting it.  You need to consider that you will need a certain amount of time to replace these batteries and that means dissembling the back of the  frame of the e-bike itself.  This may require that you give yourself a lot of extra time  in the process.  You will also need all of the proper tools to carry out the project as well, so make sure that you have everything you need.

We believe that we have given you the best possible instructions on how to replace these batteries, the only thing you will  need to do is read it thoroughly and foll the directions as best as possible.

To get started on replacing the Optibike batteries, click here:


How to Build Your Own Powerful Electric Bicycle

One of the best ways to get an electric bicycle is to build it yourself.  There are many reasons for this, predominantly most of the cheaper, low-end electric bikes on the market are not very high in quality and these are the electric bikes most people will buy when purchasing an electric bicycle for the first time.  Usually, the motors are weak and the components are made in foreign lands and are shipped to you as well as the fact that the batteries may not be top quality as well.

So, if you are new to the slam-bang, live on the razors edge, laugh in the face of death world of electric bicycling, then  building your own electric bicycle may be for you.  Now, if you have never built an electric bicycle before, don’t worry, we have that covered. Er…Well, we know someone that has it covered.  Say hello to Mr. Greg Davey.  Greg has written a rather extensive e-book on how to build an electric bicycle that is better than your average e-bike that you would purchase, minus the usual high cost associated with a good, high quality unit.

It appears that Mr. Davey has done extensive research as to a cogent method of building an electric bike step by step and it has taken him the better part of two years to put the manual together.  It would also seem that Mr. Davey has perused the “For Dummies” books because he has written and detailed how to build an ebike in the simplest of terms so that people that don’t know much about mechanical objects, like electric bicycles, will be able to build their own relatively easy.

Not only has he written a highly detailed and efficient document that explains everything in a step-by-step manner, but he also takes the time to show you how to save money and purchase the right components so that you don’t waste precious dollars on the entire project.

People that have already used the e-book on building an electric bicycle, seem to have very positive and up-beat reviews on the work and Mr. Davey is so positive that that you will like and use his book, he is giving a part of it away for free.  If you are interested in taking a gander at this electric bicycle building book entitled, “How to build a 50 mph Electric Bike,” go to this website:



Ft. Collins is Bicycle Friendly, but Will it Be Electric Bicycle Friendly?

Electric bike owners in other cities might want to take note about recent developments in Colorado. This year at the International Bicycle Exposition (Interbike) that took place in Las Vegas, Nevada, the City of Ft. Collins was recognized with an award.  The city was selected as the most “bicycle friendly” city in the U.S.  The League of American Bicyclists awarded the city the accolade because the city of Ft. Collins has taken great measures to create bicycle friendly areas within the community.

Ft. Collins Electric BikesApparently, Ft. Collins has tried to integrate bicycling into its infrastructure with bike – to – work days and more convenient bicycle parking its more prominent areas of town.  Much of the award was based on these upgrades and changes that affected the residents of Ft. Collins in terms of health, civic responsibility and even economic growth.

It would be interesting to see how far the city could take this idea and run with it, perhaps much like Europe that has bicycle paths running everywhere in most countries.    In many places in Colorado, where people are very physical, and do a lot of hiking and cycling, there are bicycle paths that lead throughout the country side.  Places like Vail, Breckenridge and other areas of recreation already have massive biking integration built into their infrastructure.

As an electric bike enthusiast, would be nice to see if cities like Ft. Collins could try to integrate electric bike facilities and charging stations as well, which would also reach out to another subculture of partially green society: electric bicyclists.

However, as you well know, introducing anything new into a society requires money, and with the current state of affairs of most American communities and local governments, these are difficult times.  So, it may be awhile before we will see a lot of progress in integrating electric bikes and scooters into a bicycle friendly community like Ft. Collins.  Only time will tell.