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Skateboard WITH POWER!!!!!

E-Glide has an aluminum skateboard with a 15 mile range. This thing has some excellent power for those avid skateboarders who would rather skate everywhere instead of walking. Its controlled simply with yo body and a hand held remote. It appears they just need the remote to be wireless. Check out the news article OR

Click here to watch the GT Powerboard 2011 youtube video

Solar Trade Complaint!!

It seems that there is a solar panel trade complaint going on due to the cheep prices China is selling. The Coalition for Affordable Solar Energy is trying to fix fair competition in this industry so companies don’t dry up.

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BioFuel Flies High!!!!!

Continental Airlines became the first U.S. Plane to fly on an algae-based biofuel. United Continental Holdings said that the biofuel emissions would equate to a car that drove 30,000 miles. The big question that is on my mind is does this plane stink its way across America? It may be organic but last time my dog let one it wasn’t exactly friendly.

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Korea Scoots Electric

Over in Korea the company Hyosung has just taken a step into the electric scooters.  Its whopping speed of 40 mph, range of 55 miles and a charging time of 4 hrs.  I could just imagine someone running the juice dry plug it in, get a coffee, eat some donuts, and let the glazeness from your eyes clear up and hopefully by then you should be ready to go another 55 miles.


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The Tron Bikes are Coming er Going!!!

For a simple $100,000 , you can get this futuristic looking Tron bike-a-ma-thing.  Its quick to Charge and can take you a good range before needing another charge.

Wired reports that the $100,000 bike charges in an hour and has an estimated range of around 80-100 miles on a full battery.”

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A Truly Green Scooter with a Terminator name

the T20- Trotinette-bambou or the T20 Bamboo Scooter is a cool french design. Personally from the looks of it its nice and stylish for the California coast. Wouldn’t surprise me to see a Celebrity riding down the road on this. Here’s the news article.

London Police new Toy!!

Well, it looks like over in the U.K. they are testing out a new electric bike.  Its made by Zero Motorcycles and they have some pretty cool bikes on the market.  They have Dirt bikes, Street and Dual Sport bikes which blaze and are all electric. Well, the London Police are traveling the country side encouraging motorcycle safety on these little babies. Me personally, wouldn’t mind having something this energy efficient to drive around town with. Check out the News Article

5 Reasons Why You Need to Get an Electric Bike Now

Reason One: Gas Prices

It is no secret that gas prices have been creeping up over the last five years. No matter what the President, Congress, the Senate or any other office in Washington seems to do they don’t have control over the people that own the oil companies.  As a matter fact, over the last five years there has been constant excuses from the fossil fuel companies around the world as to why oil prices have been going up. They have cited everything from hurricanes and bad weather to having an overabundance of oil and no place to store it as excuses. It used to be we have a shortage, now they are saying that prices have gone up because we have an overage!  The point of the whole thing is, we will never know for sure exactly why they keep raising prices other than the obvious reason: to increase profits for rich people.  I mean, at the end of the day what other conclusion can you come to? So, moving from fossil fuel based products and transportation is the obvious answer to keeping them in line. Until people around the world to grasp this concept and use it there probably won’t be much of a change in the way oil prices move up.

Reason Two:  Economical Transportation

There is no secret that you can actually save quite a bit of money by writing an electric bicycle, especially if you are able to ride it to work. In America most people drive considerable distances to get to work, however if you’re living in a city or town where your within relatively close driving distance, you can save quite a bit of money by using electric bicycle. One of the reasons that the electric bicycle is so attractive as far as riding a bike to work is concerned, is that you can ride and use electricity to help you get to where you work at arrive at work without being tired and sweaty.  This is because the electric motor assist in most electric bicycles will take much of the strain off of you and therefore you will not arrive at your place of business exhausted and reeking of perspiration.

Reason Three: Health Reasons

Another great reason for writing a bicycle, even when it is electric, is so that you can get a certain degree of exercise and fresh air. When you are pumping the pedals of a bicycle that you are getting an aerobic workout that will help your heart, lungs and leg muscles get much-needed exercise. This is especially important if you work in an office where you are seated all day.  You can get exercise on your way to work and on the way back from work merely by writing electric bicycle, and as I have stated in the last paragraph under Reason Two you can still get exercise without getting too tired and arriving at work with perspiration all over you.  So having fresh air and getting a little exercise is great for you and you can easily, this with electric bike.

Reason Four: Promoting Green Technology

I don’t particularly believe that human beings are causing global warming, however, that does not mean that I do not care about the environment. Personally, I hate the idea that we are polluting our atmosphere, water and everything else you can think of and writing an electric bicycle is promoting green technology and therefore creating new ways in which we can use natural resources to power our way to work and other places.  Actually, you can use power from the sun to charge solar panels which in turn can create enough electricity to power an electric bicycle. You can then ride electric bicycle to where ever you need to go off of the energy that the sun can create, and this is known as sustainable energy.  Sustainable energy is great because it is free, creates no pollution and is available to everyone that is willing to invest a little money.  Over the next 10 years, because of the popularity of electric bikes around the world, there will be great advances in electric batteries and other sources of energy that we can store and use without creating loads of pollution which will damaged our atmosphere in our general environments where we have to live.

Reason Five: Being Different

Many people would not consider this to be much of a reason, but I do. I want to be a part of something new and different without spending an arm and a leg. I want to be a part of movement which will keep our environment cleaner and people healthier.  I want to show people how to have fun while doing all of these things and teach them a way to do things the will make their lives further enriched. This is why I promote electric bikes and electric scooters and I hope you’ll join me in this movement.

Electric Bikes -N- Scooters

The Yamaha EC-03 Electric Scooter Means Zero Emissions

One of the leaders in the motorcycle industry, Yamaha Motor Co. Ltd., is

Photo Courtesy of Yamaha Corp, Ltd, 2011

announcing the release of a new innovation for their company, the EC-03 electric scooter.  This zero emissions unit will give riders a smooth quiet ride while keeping the design of the vehicle itself sleek and fun to ride.

Utilizing 50 volt lithium – ion batteries this new electric innovation from Yamaha can give a rider a riding distance of approximately 26 miles (43 km) at about the speed of 18 miles per hour.  To the casual viewer this may not seem like a very wide span, but Yamaha’s idea for this vehicle was to make it for commuters that were working in cities and urban areas, where efficiency, eco-friendliness and convenience were the order of the day.

Not only does Yamaha’s new EC-03 electric scooter have a great design and performance, but it can also be plugged into a 100 volt outlet which can be found in just about any household.  The frame of the unit is made of light weight aluminum so that the batteries energy is not wasted on the body and allows for greater maneuverability.

One of the main components of the EC-03 of course is its electric direct drive hub motor which is rather advanced for your typical hub motor.  It has a computerized control system which can calculate the output by the rear wheel rpm and the throttle position.  This, of course allows for a smooth ride as you accelerate with the Yamaha’s additional torque which gives you the speed you need without sacrificing performance in the lower speed range.  The charger, controller, battery and meter will works on a constant basis and exchanges data immediately while running or being recharged and this allows a very easy operation of the electric scooter.

There is quite a bit to the EC-03 electric motorized scooter from Yamaha, and the best way to find out more about it is to either visit a dealer that sells them or visit Yamaha’s website by clicking this link: The Yamaha EC-03 Electric Scooter


The Light Electric Vehicle Association a Great Way to Promote Electric Bikes and Electric Scooters

Every now and then, I like to highlight different websites and organizations that are trying to further the advancement and education of electric bikes, electric scooters and a host of other electric vehicles. One such organization is the Light Electric Vehicle Association.  Founded in June of 2008 by an electric vehicle expert Ed Benjamin, the Light Electric Vehicle Association’s goals are to analyze track and standardize data about electric vehicles within their industry and to help develop a cogent method of recording this data in the form surveys. Not only that they are working with government to help develop and standardize performance criteria involving electric scooters, electric bikes and other electric vehicles. Not only does this Association tried to fill these goals but also provides a forum for networking and discussion within the industry.

The just last week the Light Electric Vehicle Association was at the Interbike electric bike exposition which occurred in Las Vegas at the Sands Expo and convention Center. During the Expo the Association held classes on how to sell electric bicycles, ship batteries, how legal issues affect electric bikes and United States and a host of other subjects that were worthy of mention.  Clearly, this organization is trying to be a leader in an industry which is clearly emerging as an important factor in transportation throughout the world.

If you decide to check out their website, and possibly get involved in their organization offers, you will find a site that is dedicated to the political furtherance of electric vehicles throughout the world. You can also become a member of this organization so that you can actually become involved in the political process of furtherance of electric bikes and electric scooters if you so desire. Even though this organization has not been around for a very long time, they seem to have emerged as a leader in terms of organizing the industry’s political power. If you are passionate about electric bikes and scooters then you should take the opportunity to join the ranks of electric vehicle owners around the world and become a member of this organization.

To find out more about this great organization, click on this link: