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Skateboard WITH POWER!!!!!

E-Glide has an aluminum skateboard with a 15 mile range. This thing has some excellent power for those avid skateboarders who would rather skate everywhere instead of walking. Its controlled simply with yo body and a hand held remote. It appears they just need the remote to be wireless. Check out the news article OR

Click here to watch the GT Powerboard 2011 youtube video

Solar Trade Complaint!!

It seems that there is a solar panel trade complaint going on due to the cheep prices China is selling. The Coalition for Affordable Solar Energy is trying to fix fair competition in this industry so companies don’t dry up.

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BioFuel Flies High!!!!!

Continental Airlines became the first U.S. Plane to fly on an algae-based biofuel. United Continental Holdings said that the biofuel emissions would equate to a car that drove 30,000 miles. The big question that is on my mind is does this plane stink its way across America? It may be organic but last time my dog let one it wasn’t exactly friendly.

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Korea Scoots Electric

Over in Korea the company Hyosung has just taken a step into the electric scooters.  Its whopping speed of 40 mph, range of 55 miles and a charging time of 4 hrs.  I could just imagine someone running the juice dry plug it in, get a coffee, eat some donuts, and let the glazeness from your eyes clear up and hopefully by then you should be ready to go another 55 miles.


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The Tron Bikes are Coming er Going!!!

For a simple $100,000 , you can get this futuristic looking Tron bike-a-ma-thing.  Its quick to Charge and can take you a good range before needing another charge.

Wired reports that the $100,000 bike charges in an hour and has an estimated range of around 80-100 miles on a full battery.”

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A Truly Green Scooter with a Terminator name

the T20- Trotinette-bambou or the T20 Bamboo Scooter is a cool french design. Personally from the looks of it its nice and stylish for the California coast. Wouldn’t surprise me to see a Celebrity riding down the road on this. Here’s the news article.

London Police new Toy!!

Well, it looks like over in the U.K. they are testing out a new electric bike.  Its made by Zero Motorcycles and they have some pretty cool bikes on the market.  They have Dirt bikes, Street and Dual Sport bikes which blaze and are all electric. Well, the London Police are traveling the country side encouraging motorcycle safety on these little babies. Me personally, wouldn’t mind having something this energy efficient to drive around town with. Check out the News Article