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The Zero X Dirt Bike Leading the Way in Electric Bike Technology

In my opinion, there is no doubt that electric bike, electric scooter and even electric motorcycle technologyis gaining momentum.  In my humble opinion, I am almost certain that massive advances will be made in the next 20 years that will be mind blowing.  No, I am not going to be so naive to think that we will be living in the world of Star Trek free of fossil fuels but there will be significant progress made in electric vehicle technology and battery technology as well. ( by the way, if you have not seen the latest Star Trek movie, I suggest you see it because there is a terrific chase by a futuristic motorcycle, which by the way is chasing a fossil fueled vehicle. So, I guess we will still have them in the 24th Century!)

Anyway, it is becoming increasingly apparent that electric motorcycle technology is making advancements rather quickly.  Take for example, the Zero X dirt Bike that has been designed by Neal Saiki who just happens to be the chief technology officer in charge of the Zero X.   One of things that gives the zero some much needed clout is the fact that Mr. Saiki has worked for some very prestigious agencies and firms, NASA being one of them.

Fortunately, for the world of electric motorcycles, Mr. Saiki has a passion for zero emission vehicles, which is why the Zero X is such a dynamic leap forward in the realm of electric vehicles.   One of the key factors in the new design of this electric dirt bike is the amount of torque that the 20 horsepower produces.

If you want to read a rather extensive review of the Zero X ,check out the excellent article that was written for by Mark Gardiner.  Not only does it delve rather deeply into its assessment of the ebike but it also has quite a few excellent pictures of the electric vehicle and its designer.

Mark “Elmo” Ellis